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Artificial intelligence and algorithms: pros and cons | DW Documentary (AI documentary) technology documentary

Perkembangan ing intelijen buatan (AI) nyebabake owah-owahan dhasar ing cara kita urip. Algoritma wis bisa ndeteksi penyakit Parkinson lan kanker, lan ngontrol mobil lan pesawat. Kepiye AI bakal ngganti masyarakat kita ing mangsa ngarep? Dokumenter iki lelungan menyang panas Wutah kanthi cepet AI nawakake akeh kesempatan, nanging uga akeh bebaya. AI bisa digunakake kanggo nggawe rekaman swara lan video sing bakal. Iki bakal nggawe jagad kerja luwih efisien lan akeh profesi sing ora perlu. Algoritma bisa mutusake apa bakal menehi silihan, sapa sing duwe risiko asuransi, lan kepiye karyawan sing apik. Nanging ana masalah sing gedhe: manungsa ora bisa ngerti kepiye algoritma entuk keputusane. Lan masalah gedhe liyane yaiku kapasitas AI kanggo pengawasan sing nyebar. Kutha Rongchen g ing China wis nggunakake ‘sistem kredit sosial’ sing didhukung AI kanggo ngawasi lan mbiji wargane. Apa AI nyebabake bebaya kanggo kebebasan pribadi utawa demokrasi kita? Kaputusan apa sing bisa kita tindakake menyang algoritma-lan sing dikarepake? Lan apa implikasi sosial AI? Dokumenter dening Tilman Wolff und Ranga Yogeshwar ————————————- —– ————————– DW Documentary menehi kawruh ngluwihi judhul. Nonton dokumenter kelas dhuwur saka penyiar Jerman lan internasional Langganan DW Documentary: Saluran YouTube liyane: DW Documental (ing Spanyol): DW Documentary و ثائقية دي دبليو: (ing basa Arab): Kanggo dokumenter liyane, bukak uga: Instagram Facebook: DW netiquette kawicaksanan:.

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Artificial intelligence and algorithms: pros and cons | DW Documentary (AI documentary)

Artificial intelligence and algorithms: pros and cons | DW Documentary (AI documentary)

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Artificial intelligence and algorithms: pros and cons | DW Documentary (AI documentary)
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45 thoughts on “Artificial intelligence and algorithms: pros and cons | DW Documentary (AI documentary) technology documentary”

  1. The DW comments are hillarious, everyone is just trying to sound as smart as they can. Some people actually leave a comment about the doc and others are just quoting Dune and Jurassic Park.

  2. I just read an Apple News article about tech companies “using artificial intelligence to spy on us and gauge our emotions and feelings”. I knew there had to be a scientific reason for all the spying on us and possibly me somehow. I’m not that interesting or funny I’ve always been curious how I might be helping science or technology. Someone powerful out there watches out for me and I truly appreciate it whomever you are I really do. Look, I know nobody will ever place money in my hands and I don’t blame them but if something ever happens to me and I perish, someone that’s possibly profited financially off spying on me, help my immediate family Anonymously please? Only if I’ve helped someone profit financially I mean here. Just please give a small pittance to my mama, sisters, niece & nephews.

  3. I don’t get the privacy arguement.

    The government already knows who we are, what jobs we hold, who’s in our family, what’s our income, how much tax we pay, and what we own

    The banks know our account number, our life savings, our credit cards.

    All this important stuff everyone knows already. The only thing we’re hiding, is our crimes, or the stuff we are participating right now

  4. It's really sickening, some things really good but the rest is DYSTOPIA. Giving humanity to machines that are trained to mimic humans. No jobs for people cause machines are replacing US . TIME TO STOP.

  5. I like technological improvements , certainly , we cant simply stay as we are , something needs to be done , but I also agree on privacy concerns .

    im always 50 -50 on these thing , Im both sides . yes and no , but yes will be vialble option however with care on privacy . I dont miss the good old days because nostalgia doesnt control , I would miss the days sometimes but Its under my control . I have always been adapting to new tech , then again sometimes rechange to traditional , its a mix.

    Ai is very very important for space , and incase you didnt know , space searching is more important than arguing with god believers.

  6. I'm all for this sort of tech, but always wonder what would happen to the employees of the companies that employ this tech in the future? Would we be just left to our own devises or what sort of jobs would be left for humans to do if robots can do it better in pretty much every way.

  7. Trading privacy for crime solving rates is nonsense. Solve the social problem. Don’t rely on machines to observe what seems to considered inevitable. Capitalism and greed breed poverty and desperation. Crime arises from perceptions of inequality on an unfair playing field. That’s a social issue, not a technical one. Let’s with together as humans rather than wait for machines to invade our lives at the behest of the increasingly powerful few who control them. Humans will rue the day they did not resist this paradigm shift, a shift that gives the powerful few the entree into a brave new world…we will become no more than unemployed drones serving the king and queen bees.

  8. And the ‘scientists’ are doing all this without the consent of the People…who gave them the authority to determine ‘our’ future? Ultimately, if a machine makes a mistake, who is accountable? Who is liable? Who is culpable? The ‘invisible’ scientist? It’s our future. Even if Americans wish to be led by a ring through the nose, where is the consent? It’s not the ‘good’ aspects that are a threat. It’s the hidden invasion of privacy that gives far too much control to the tiny subset of civil society ‘elected’ to protect our freedom to exercise our rights—our rights—as we see fit. All good if popular consent is freely given. But take care lest you wrap yourself in a blanket of AI from which it is impossible to extricate yourself in the event you no longer wish to be monitored in such depth and detail. Retain control of your own destiny. Please don’t hand over your life to a machine. Consider possible alternatives and remain human. Regulation and discussion are essential but regulation by whom? How representative is the regulation? The views of young People are valid but relatively naive. They haven’t experienced the invasiveness of governments in the private lives of citizens.

  9. First part of the process is making sure you spend as much time as possible staring at a screen. Netflix has even said that their biggest competitor is sleep. Sooner or later people won’t have control over their own thoughts.

  10. The fact will never change in that the more sophisticated AI will always be design biased… so it's owners keep the keys to continue profiteering. Any authority any AI might be given would be merely giving the AI's law rewriting privileges. The only suitable task AI amongst human daily struggle might be to maintain healthy communities is in the mundane routine and as medical assist programs. The AI designer's financing is far too rich to merely have programs in assisting the most common peoples and the vulnerable young families. AI is nothing more than another widening of the historical mote between those castes as kastle worthy and all the rest of us expendable labor forces /peasants. The diabolical access to redress when traumatic unfair witnessing may be enforced by those who already hold our authorities hostage to false representation, cooking up the statistics and selling off segregation, forced poverty and criminalization to the highest bidder. Highening the coveting competition will only lead our innocent along the paths to be more efficiently raped and pillaged planet wide with even less ability to legally shut down the carnage AI might well excuse for growing pains but key in just another lie syndicate and the grooming /weaponizing of our very own children or parish with the newly grown hopelessly impoverished.


  12. At 2030 nothing will belong to us, we will rent everything!
    It's sad that we have to work like slaves for max 1k per month and some elders got billions that can't take with when they leave..

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