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How to Make Passive Income on Etsy Selling Digital Printables (& How I've Made Over $11,000)

作成してデザインできるデジタル印刷物を販売するだけで、Etsyで受動的な収入を得る方法を知っていますか? 私はEtsyショップを始めて以来、ほぼ12,000米ドルを稼ぎ、3,000を超える売り上げを上げています。 私は一連の印刷物をデザインして作成し、ショップにアップロードしました。残りはEtsyが担当します。 (印刷物を自動的に顧客に送信する)ほとんどの人は、Etsyは梱包して発送する必要のある物理的なアイテムのためだけのものだと考えていますが、これは真実とはほど遠いものです。 何千ものショップが稼いでいますこのビデオでは、Etsyで販売できる印刷物の種類を紹介し、シンプルな印刷物の販売で驚異的な成功を収めているショップやEtsyショップの例を紹介します。 最後に、ダッシュボードを表示し、Etsyショップの日次、週次、月次、年次の統計を表示します。これにより、1日数ドルの追加料金が発生します。 私のEtsyショップチュートリアルシリーズ:Etsyで受動的な収入を得る方法デジタル印刷物の販売:Etsyショップを開く方法ステップバイステップ:MicrosoftWordでEtsyで販売する印刷物を作成する方法-Canvaを使用してEtsyの印刷物を作成する方法–Etsyの美しい商品リスト写真を作成する方法-その他の関連チュートリアル:アーティストとしてオンラインでお金を稼ぐための5つの方法-デザイナーとしてオンラインでお金を稼ぐためのその他の方法-注:私はEtsyのスポンサーではありません。このビデオも、とにかく私はEtsyと提携していません。 私自身のものであり、Etsyショップセラーとしての自分の経験を共有しているだけです! #Etsysellers#makemoneyonline#jennifermarievo。

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How to Make Passive Income on Etsy Selling Digital Printables (& How I've Made Over $11,000)

How to Make Passive Income on Etsy Selling Digital Printables (& How I've Made Over $11,000)

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How to Make Passive Income on Etsy Selling Digital Printables (& How I've Made Over $11,000)
make money online etsy
あなたはここでお金を稼ぐためのより多くの方法を見ることができます: 詳細はこちらr
あなたはここでお金を稼ぐためのより多くの方法を見ることができます: 詳細はこちら

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47 thoughts on “How to Make Passive Income on Etsy Selling Digital Printables (& How I've Made Over $11,000)”

  1. is there any circumstances that a buyer can upload and sell the printable on other platforms too? how can we protect our digital product especially with printable templates?

  2. something important alot of people forget to mention is how much they profit it. Revenue is not profit. you have to deduct costs from revenue to know if your business is succeeding or not. for example she might have spent money on artwork to design a product. plus etsy's fees.

  3. I still have to figure out how to format the wedding table number pdf's so that they can be printed at the right size. They always save as full page no matter what I do in Canva. Not feeling very smart right now. 🤣

  4. Hi Jennifer! This was a great video, very inspirational! I have toyed with opening an Etsy shop for digitals for nearly 2 years, but the fees stop me every time. It seems prohibitive. I understand the listing fees, but the others, are those just if you use Etsy Payments? I imagine that Etsy Payments really opens the marketplace quite a lot rather than just using Paypal. Your video makes me want to take the leap, lol. I understand I will have to price accordingly to cover fees in order to get my net, but I just wish their fees weren't as "nickel and dimey" as they are. Now having said all of that, frankly the good still outweighs the not so good and I am leaning hard at Etsy thanks to you! 😊👍

  5. @Jennifer Marie Thank a lot for sharing financial stats. But i just want d to say that there are just a little sales and it is not possible to run a family of four while covering all costs around 3000 dollars per month. Is it like that you should consider Etsy just as a little side job which someties can bring a little money? Thanks

  6. Can you really expect an income which you can run a family of 4 if you do this on Etsy? I know Facebook ads and how to promote on Facebook and Instagram. But it is very costly and therefore i was wondering if you really can expect an income doing printable cards if you sell on Etsy. Can you please share your experience? It is much appreciated. Thanks

  7. such awesome content! thank you so much! I have a ton of very high quality nature photos from trips that I could use as a background for designs and I had no idea how to turn them into cash! This is a great idea!

  8. Love that you aren't a 'salesperson'. You're human, and that comes across well. I am a new freelance proofreader/creative writer. I've been looking for THE tool to assist me in these endeavours, and it appears Grammarly may just be the ticket. Thoughts?

  9. Thank you for being a genuine YouTuber with honest advice, and not just some click-bait titles and scammy ways of cheating your way to earning online. Subscribed and Liked as a token of appreciation 🙂.

    For those in countries that accept both Etsy payments and PayPal, is one better than the other? Are you able to advise on this?

  10. I put a like even before I watched the video. Great videos Jennifer, keep it up. The more I watch your videos, the more I think making money is so easy that I can turn air to money haha.

  11. I can't believe people PAY for these kind of printables when anyone can make their own in a few minutes for free… I create tshirt designs on etsy and redbubble and can't make a single sale. Maybe I just start making silly calendars printables lol wth is going on in this World? I just don't get it. No offense btw, love your videos. I'm just very discouraged right now

  12. Hi, Jeniffer. Your videos are really helpful to me , would you like to make some videos about videos making for newbies? I was trying to learn how to make videos which you can record your voice when you showed the screen of your computer and every other stuff about videos making since I am a really newbie in this field, btw, I am a native Mandarin speaker, and your perfect pronunciation of English makes it really enjoyable to watch your videos. Thanks for all your efforts and I hope you gets more and more subscribers and definitely it is just a matter of time.

  13. Hello, i am from Ukraine. Thanks for this video. My English is not so good, that's i do not understand everything. Can you write me how you sell your work..? It's happens automatically or you should sell for every customer separately?

  14. Hey Jennifer, I just found your channel! I see you are from Canada as well. I live in BC. Thank you very much for your helpful tips on starting an Etsy shop as I had no idea where to begin. You have just gained a new subscriber! 🙂

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