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Technology: A boon or bane for students? technology a boon or bane

Integrasi teknologi ing sekolah lan perguruan tinggi wis dadi tolok ukur kualitas pendidikan sing diwenehake. Bocah-bocah umur 4 taun bisa katon main-main karo gadget. Introduksi teknologi ing ruang kelas mbantu sinau utawa ndadékaké akeh siswa sing bingung Kanthi wektu sing cendhak? Nonton nalika kita debat apa teknologi minangka anugerah utawa kutukan kanggo para siswa. Uga ing Dialog Pendidikan, gabung karo Dr. Steven Edwards, sing wis dadi penasihat pendhidhikan ing Gedung Putih, Bank Dunia lan Perserikatan Bangsa-Bangsa bebarengan karo Pawan Gupta, mantan IITian lan Entrepreneur, babagan masalah pendidikan. sistem ing sekolah ing India lan donya. Kepiye sekolah bisa nyengkuyung kreatifitas, pamikiran kritis ing siswa? Nonton video lengkape: .

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Technology: A boon or bane for students?

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Technology: A boon or bane for students?
technology a boon or bane
あなたはここでお金を稼ぐためのより多くの方法を見ることができます: 詳細はこちらr
あなたはここでお金を稼ぐためのより多くの方法を見ることができます: 詳細はこちら

20 thoughts on “Technology: A boon or bane for students? technology a boon or bane”

  1. Without technology we can't imagine with our life. We do travelings for train.bus.ariploan and more. We can do stay home get online tickets . We can online precheg everything . Student take attend online class.selact fevorit teacher and without fee. Phone is very important our life.we can call friends and family and a limited minets . Video call and chat feacher available.kichen cook itams . Cooking bread machine.meking tea machine. Gass stove And more.decoretion for home eloctranic bulb.lap. kolar.freeze.fan . and more
    We have addictiond of lite.fan.ac.kular.salphone and more

  2. This may help, but I think towards a certain point, the debate mostly focuses on only phones, but there are so many other technologies out there apart from IPads and Mobile Phones

  3. I Like this debate and I want to give my point
    # For some technology lover the technology is 100% is boon and for some technology haters technology technology is 100% baan but the real fact is Technology is 50% boon and 50% baan because sometimes we need technology a lot and sometimes technology is the cause of not getting something or having lost something
    This was what I think about technology 😄😂😂

  4. I also feel that in some manner their are some technology which distract students Nd it restrict communication between teachers Nd students which r not good for coming time😔🙏

  5. 6:407:30 grey shirt guy distroyed blue shirt guy.
    I don't want to hurt blue shirt guy but ,bro I wud like say that grey shirt guy was more mature than you and he balanced the debate intead of taking it as a argument.

  6. There are both sides of the technology but I would like to add one more plus point in account of technology as It never differentiate between people who wants knowledge as The Teachers can do with their students based on the caste, sex or religion.

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