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The Psychology Of Digital Marketing digital marketing psychology

[FREE DOWNLOAD] 1ページのマーケティングに関するチートシート:このエピソードでは、この時点からマーケティングで行うすべてのことに積極的かつ深く影響を与える何かをお教えします。 あなたがあなたのデジタルマーケティングから本当により良い結果を得る方法を学びたいなら、それは最新の目標到達プロセス、または広告ハック、またはソーシャルメディアネットワークについてではありません。 しかし、彼らの背後にある心理学が本当に重要です。 私たちがデジタルマーケティング、従来のマーケティング、またはそれらの両方のハイブリッドについて話しているかどうかにかかわらず、マーケティングはその一部です。それは、関係する人々がいて、人々が複雑だからです。 マーケティングとビジネスにおける私の最大の欲求不満またはペットのおしっこの1つは、表面的なアプローチです。 -原因ではなく効果を見る-これは何かがうまくいく可能性があることを意味しますが、理由はわかりません。つまり、もう一度それを行うことはできず、ギャンブルよりもはるかに優れているわけではありません。 そのため、このエピソードでは、デジタルマーケティング心理学に関して知っておくべき最も重要なことのいくつかを分析したいと思います。 *** PS-準備ができたら、ここに私があなたを助けることができる2つの最良の方法があります…1)1ページのマーケティングチートシート:2)1対1のマーケティングコーチングとコンサルティング:***接続しましょう:ウェブサイト:YouTubeで購読するには、ここをクリックしてください:Twitter:Facebook:Instagram :。

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The Psychology Of Digital Marketing

The Psychology Of Digital Marketing

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The Psychology Of Digital Marketing
digital marketing psychology
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あなたはここでお金を稼ぐためのより多くの方法を見ることができます: 詳細はこちら

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16 thoughts on “The Psychology Of Digital Marketing digital marketing psychology”

  1. Hey Adam, fantastic video. Thanks a lot!

    Here are my notes in case someone might need them. Peace.

    Don't take an overly simple and superficial approach to marketing with hacks or tricks. Try to understand deeply the psychology of your ideal customer avatar. This is the core behind any marketing campaign.

    1. Emotional vs Logical -Human decisions are primarily guided by emotions, however we need to justify our decisions to ourselves and others. Appeal to the lymbic (emotional brain) but fortify your pitch with logical arguments that they will use for rationalization.
    – Identify your ideal target market – Avatar (Interests, Attitudes, Beliefs, Demographics, What they Do, Needs, Wants, Dreams, Pains, Problems)
    – Make them feel the benefits of doing business with you and the pain of not doing business with you
    – Make them feel good (Novel information, Refined design, Useful info)

    2. Shorter attention span – Getting shorter every single minute in today's hyper competitive and super flashy environment.
    – Understand your ideal target market in order to give them the right message and get their attention
    – Design a powerful pitch ("Initial Hook") that will stop the scroll
    – Make sure your offer is irresistible (Make sure what you offer is actually what they want/need)
    – Vitamin vs Painkiller (You want to solve their problems quickly like a painkiller as opposed to the long term vitamin benefit)

    3. Buyer Beware – Buyers are exposed to lots of ads and they are increasingly becoming numb
    – Have a new different/creative angle (Different is better than better)
    – Identify if they are in the aware or unaware part of the spectrum
    – Make sure they believe that you have their best interest at heart

    4. Search vs Discovery – Strategy should be different for different platforms because customers have different intents on diff. platforms. On facebook/IG users are discovering new "random" content whereas on Youtube and Google customers are searching for a specific solution/want/need.
    – Search platform (Satisfy a need e.g. something urgent) – People on YT, google are searching for a specific solution which they need instantly
    – Discovery platforms (Satisfy a want) – Be less direct, with more storytelling and with the goal of building awareness/putting them in the funnel
    – First impressions matter (Make sure it's a good one/Good design/Good branding matters)
    – Try to fit in but stand out at the same time (Obey SM rules but be original)

    5. Frequency equals trust – Tribal Humans have been hardwired to trust familiar faces and views and they equate that to safety. Hence, when customers see your Ad multiple times trust is being built subconsciously. (Still seeing them and not being hurt? Probably OK.)
    – Be consistent with your style in order not to have to reintroduce yourself
    – Retargeting (with pixels) is also much more cost effective than normal targeting
    – Number of customer touchpoints with a brand (in order to land a sale) is increasing (hence retargeting is the solution)

  2. Nobody knows what works and what doesn't because people aren't predictable. Learn your audience and provide what they want. The best way is to speak to your customers.

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