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I Spent 48 Hours Playing Online Poker | Complete Beginner

このビデオでは、オンラインポーカーでできるだけ多くのお金を稼ごうとしています。 私は約100ドルを投資し、さまざまな戦略を試しました。 完全な初心者として、ルーチンを取得し、さまざまな状況で明確な心を保つことは間違いなく困難でした。 しかし、私がどれだけ稼いだか、そしてオンラインポーカーが実際に収入を得るための良い選択肢であるかどうかを自分で確かめてください。 #Money #poker #beginner Instagramで私とつながる:@ozkartheface米国国立ヘルプライン:1-800-522-4700ドイツ:0800 1 37 27 000:00チャレンジ0:55開始方法2:53遊び方ポーカー(説明)4:12タイムラプス(勝ち負け)4:26リアルマネーとボーナス6:25ポーカーで勝つ方法(戦略)7:25初心者から上級者まで9:30トーナメント10:18すべてを危険にさらす。

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I Spent 48 Hours Playing Online Poker | Complete Beginner

I Spent 48 Hours Playing Online Poker | Complete Beginner

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#Spent #Hours #Playing #Online #Poker #Complete #Beginner
I Spent 48 Hours Playing Online Poker | Complete Beginner
can you make money online poker
あなたはここでお金を稼ぐためのより多くの方法を見ることができます: 詳細はこちらr
あなたはここでお金を稼ぐためのより多くの方法を見ることができます: 詳細はこちら

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48 thoughts on “I Spent 48 Hours Playing Online Poker | Complete Beginner”

  1. Nice video .. yes poker is awesome .. and yes you can lose alot of money .. but given you know the game and study then you can also win alot .. but dont be afraid to play and get better 💪🏿🔥

  2. I can make a better poker video for beginners. I will have a set up soon. 23 years playing poker. I have seen everything. My best hand LIVE was Straight flush Diamonds. I took out 3 people. Sadly it was a house game and not at the MGM cash table. I would have been great.

  3. The most important Gambling Skill? Learning to quit while you are ahead (if you ever get ahead).
    Only gamble with money you are prepared to lose, write off your stake as 'entertainment' money when you sit down.
    Best advice I heard was "Work out how much you would spend in a Pub drinking for a night and take that to the table instead and don't exceed it"

  4. I think for some people they get into poker because there are no other jobs in their area. No one is hiring. So they get frustrated and instead of doing crime they go to online poker. In hopes of not making big money but just an actual living.

  5. I'm a newbie and online poker seems very Hacked by bots etc. 'Players' with huge bets or all in pre flop. then i notice they had bad hands and somehow win a Lot.
    I'm looking for a android app that I can play for fun while I learn

  6. The one thing that keeps me from playing poker for money is the fact that my consience wont allow it, since I know that I am taking away money from others and maybe even their families.

    I had a gambling addicted father when I was growing up and I know that one of the "players" I take the money from might be taking the money from their families, and I don't want to be a part of that. But I can 100% say that living off of playing poker would be AWESOME, since poker in and of it self is insanely fun.

  7. Good play there i do like pokerstars the app is awesome to use on mobile compared to other apps as it has very to little glitches and can work well with 1/4 to 1/2 strengh wifi/ data usage

  8. Thanks for the last tip on th video i have played poker game for many years and have tried it two times in online games with real money and have lost it faster than you
    Its a scam u cant make money in pokergame!

  9. Bro I literally thought this was already a popular channel by the editing style and I love the way you organize the content. You deserve more subs and great joke at the end lmao you almost got me there so good

    edit:I also wanted to say I found this video by typing in the search bar: online poker

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